Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are nanny cams your children in day care?? why not??

USE of NANNY CAMs in Day Care Centers

Cameras are popping up everywhere these days. Some of those lenses may be pointed at your children, if they are in day care.
There are several benefits of this use of technology, especially when the cameras can be remotely accessed through a computer at anytime by the parents.
The most important area is that you can monitor how your children are doing and if they are being well cared for.
You are likely to feel more involved, or even connected to your children, as you see first hand what they are doing throughout the day. 

Live video provides a sense of confidence to parents that the caregivers are responsibly caring for their children, and are not hiding anything. 

Accounts can even be provided to grandparents and aunts and uncles as well.

It varies from child to child whether they like their parents checking in on them throughout the day. Most will. But, it is likely that some good dinner table conversations, or even corrections, could result from what the parents see during day care. 

One of the only other ways to have this level of knowledge is to drop in and see the child during the day. But this almost always results in more tears and fits when the parent has to leave again. Cameras solve this problem.
In this day of predators, live video of your children at day care accessible on the Internet may seem scary at first. However, it is more private than when you walk the child in the front door and drop them off, as that can be viewed from anywhere. Also, sexual abuse at the day care itself would seem even less likely, and certainly easier to spot with cameras.

Working parents may choose to have these types of cameras at home, too.
They can be monitored from work, to keep an eye on older children who get off the school bus alone.