Monday, October 4, 2010

Ufos seen by evolutionists

UFOs & Evolution

The alleged presence of little green men from outer space and the distinguished scientists who espouse molecules to man evolution seem to have nothing at common at first glance.

However, for those of you who have watched the movie "expelled: no intelligence allowed" starring Ben stein, the relationship is clear. FamousHarvard evolution apologist Richard Dawkins, actually proposed that the human race was seeded by aliens.

This is not the first time UFOs have been identified with evolution. In fact, there is still a giant satellite dish scanning the heavens listening for any pattern of transmission from the cosmos. It is called SETI, which stands for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.

For years now, scientists have monitored space static looking for anything unusual. Anything remotely resembling a pattern or code gets instant attention. However, nothing but static has ever been heard and no E.T. ever seems to phone us.

However, just imagine if late one evening, the following message was received by SETI:

"Dear Earthlings,

We have been monitoring your planet for years now. We have devised how to speak your language and beam it to you. We live on planet Dawkinopia, billions of light years away. We just wanted you to know you are not alone.


Little Green Dawkinians "

Pandemonium would ensue! Every news channel would cover it. So-callled experts would comment on what that means to humans on earth, and to our scientific and religious institutions.

However, would anyone dare ask if their transmission from space was just random gibberish that just happened to sound like words? That, given billions of years of constant static beaming randomly, eventually something resembling a "message" with a salutation, punctuation, proper spelling, syntax and logical sequencing would just one day occur by accident.

No one would do that! Clearly the message is too complicated to have just occurred randomly, regardless of time for unlimited attempts.

However, that is what evolution does. It says over billions of years of random mindless attempts, DNA would be coded so that:

A horned lizard can shoot blood three feet out it's eyes for defense;

A baby kangaroo is the size of a coffee bean at birth and is raised in a pouch;

A porcupine has thousands of sharp quills while a peacock unfolds a gorgeous display of delicate feathers;

A camel can go weeks in the desert without water;

A sea cucumber discharges it's insides to protect itself and then grows a new stomach;

A bombardier beetle has two chemicals that mix just right to blow out burning chemicals for defense;

And a human laughs, cries, writes and can appreciate art, music and logical arguments.

Random? No.

Richard Dawkins is right about one thing; an intelligence from the heavens did place man here. And even made an extra terrestrial visit... He is known as God and His Son changed my life.


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