Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Advice

Congratulations Graduates

But be warned:

In this time of year, graduation invitations fill our mailboxes and ceremonies fill large churches and civic centers. And of course, there are speeches

Most of the talks by local dignitaries will talk about the new beginning the end of high school marks. "commencement" is the term after all.

But what world awaits the class of 2011?

It's certainly a very different world than when I sat through speeches with the class of 1987. But I recall nothing of those speeches. I know some things now that I wished they had said then.

So, if you know a graduate, you might want to pass along this information that is sure to be missing from their ceremonies

1. Life is not a handout. You have what you were given. Giftings, contacts, skills, energy and the ability to learn. The degree to which you use those gifts diligently will determine the heights you reach.

2. Keep learning. Not just from books Meet with any adult you can and find out what they did right and what they regret. It is a smart person who does not repeat his own mistake but it is a wise person who avoids it to begin with.

3. Seek God. Your parent’s belief or lack thereof does not define your souls eternal destiny. You and only you can choose. (John 3) There is a narrow path that few choose, called faith It has some troubles but leads to eternal bliss. The wide path is deceptive and seems easy, and leads to eternal torment. It is this choice more than any other, that affects your life and that of your descendants

4. Learn to put off pleasure, status and leisure until your hard work has earned them. If not, you will always be in such debt you can't enjoy life. What a foolish thing to pay notes on a nice car but have no money for gas. The inability to live at less than your means is crippling. Tithe and save. You must be able to postpone pleasure or you will always be an overgrown child. Adults delay gratification.

5. Follow your passion. Whether you choose to believe it or not, God made you special. You have gifts to do that which you were meant to do. Pursue it and it will become clearer to you.

Congratulations. If you are even reading a newspaper, you are ahead of the game. Seek God as He is truth. Don’t be deceived by this world. Never quit learning. But never change what you know is right.

Welcome to your future!

Mr. Peel is a local attorney who practices in the areas of Accident, Injuries, Malpractice and Nursing Home Neglect. Mr. Peel often addresses churches and clubs and can be contacted through, wherein other articles can also be found.