Friday, July 8, 2011

The Casey Anthony Verdict

Casey Anthony Trial

While my law practice is limited to injury, civil, and malpractice cases, so many folks have asked me about the Casey Anthony criminal case that I feel I should address it.

The jurors wanted the story! They always want the story. Since we were all little children, we have been told fairy tales, nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. We have all watched far too many television dramas, videos and movies. If you have read Shakespeare, enjoyed a novel or have been to the theater, it is basically the same sequence. They all have a beginning, characters and a plot. Virtually all of them have an action sequence with good guys and bad guys in some conflict. They certainly all have an ending.

The little Anthony girl’s remains were only skeletal by the time they were finally found. As a result, scientists were unable to tell the jury how and exactly when she died. The jury wants to know how and when she died. Those are important elements of the story. While it may not technically be needed to convict, the jurors usually at least want a workable theory on those points.

If you are like me, it is beyond infuriating that the mother’s own failure to report the missing child and her own lying is what gave enough time for the remains to fully decay! (It makes me angry all over again just to type it). In a sense, even though she was convicted of lying, it appears she still has benefited from it.

It brings to mind the O.J. Simpson trial for many. There is still no question in my mind that he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Unfortunately, the story of an alleged racist cop planting evidence (including the infamous glove) was what prevailed.

But when I think about the Simpson trial, I recall a different set of events. After his ex-wife was found murdered, he led police on a slow chase in the white Bronco, carrying a gun, money and a disguise. That is unreasonable unless he was guilty. Innocent ex-husbands rarely act like that when an ex-wife was killed.

The story that will likely be remembered in the Casey Anthony case is about a monster of narcissistic mother who got away with murder.

What do you think?

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