Monday, October 10, 2011

COURAGEOUS Movie is Must-See

The new movie "Courageous" from the producers of FireProof and Facing the Giants, is a must-see.

As you might know, movies with a distinctively positive message are often given short shrift at the cinemas. It is irritating that movies that feature Satanic serial killers like "Friday the 13th" will run for months, while positive films fight to run just two weeks.

Thus, I implore you to see and support this film as soon as possible. Not only do I think you will find it moving, funny and meaningful, but it needs your family's support to run as long as possible.
The story is at once, a guy movie with masculine theme and an emotional tear-jerker. There is something for everyone.

While the plot, involving law enforcement officers, may remind you of the movie Grace Card, it is not at all a do-over of that story. Men, especially Dads, will be challenged by the message. I have likely read a thousand movie reviews myself, and some have said "you will laugh, you will cry." In this matter, I can assure you that I saw big burly men crying like little girls, and then a minute later, the whole theater was laughing loudly.

Don't be surprised if the audience claps at the end.

When was the last time you even felt like doing that?

Please do not put it off. My kids (as young as nine) loved it, regardless of the PG-13 rating for a couple violent scenes. Please go see Courageous the movie. Tonight. This weekend.

You will not regret it.