Tuesday, February 18, 2014



There are some things that the justice system might do well, but we call agree it does not do everything well.  Such is the case one Kayla Michelle Finley.  

She was arrested recently, and spent the night in jail in South Carolina. 

Her crime? Robbery? Murder?  Not even close.

She just forgot to return a movie.  It gets better. 

The video rental place is no longer in business. Really. It gets better.

It was not even a DVD.  It was a VHS tape. (Kids, your parents can explain these. That is why we still say, “tape it” when we digitally record a show.)

It was rented in 2005. That was nine (9) years ago! It gets better.

It was "Monster-In-Law," with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, and was a forgettable movie according to critics.

While certified letters had apparently been sent to her old addresses, she claimed to know nothing about them, as she had moved away.

While law enforcement has to respond and carry out valid warrants, the law is just not a great solution to such a trivial issue.  What is next? Do you have old library books that are overdue? 

And, if they find the tape and she forgot to rewind the tape, who knows what she may face.  South Carolina may give her the chair!

Seriously, the law does not have a button to push to fix everything.