Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sports and Morality

The uproar about the awful officiating of the Arkansas Florida college football game has led to an unprecedented step by the SEC: the public suspension of the ref crew for two weeks.

In case you are not a fan, or missed, has a great summary. Suffice to say that unranked Arkansas (my alma mater for undergrad) outplayed the number 1 team in the nation most all of the game. In the last quarter, the refs spotted the ball forward about a yard, whihc gave the Gators a first down. They called a pass interference totally backwards, against the Razorbacks. Then they called a fictional personal foul against the Hogs. Then they let them kick the game wining filed goal after the play clock expired.

Even some Gator fans acknowledge some of this, as does the Southeastern Conference, who said that some calls had no evidence at all. Even some Hog haters are upset.


Because even opponents expect fair treatment. It is deep down. A Bad call on any team elicits from the crowd a chorus of angry "Boos."

Where did this deep sense of right and wrong come from?

God created us.

Deep down, he placed "eternity in our hearts." All societies enjoy similar moral codes because of the principles God place within each of us, whether we acknowledge Him or not.

And that is how even SEC football can lead to a devotional.