Wednesday, September 8, 2010

creation v evolution - missing link?? how bout a missing chain!?!?


If you believe in “monkeys to man” evolution, it would be logical that a “missing link” between man and ape would have been found by now. Of course, many are still looking for the missing link-- however, they might be better off looking for the missing chain!

However, creationists have no fear that any missing link will ever be found. You see, man is the crown of all creation, not a mere accident of chance plus time. Ape bones are just ape bones. Human bones of any age, are just human bones, much to the consternation of evolutionists. They need fossils but they cannot find them.

So, to make a monkey out of you, there are but three ways:

1) Try to find apelike qualities of fossilized human bones;

2) Try to find humanlike qualities of fossilized ape bones; or

3) Just mix up the human and ape bones.

Chart of some Supposed “Missing Links” that try to make a man from a monkey or vice versa:




Initially Called:

Turned Out to Be:


1868 on

Bones found in painted caves in France

“The oldest humans, 15,000 to 37,000 years old”

Men. Really decent artists too.


1856 on

Bones found initially in Germany, since throughout Europe & Middle East

“The oldest humans, 600,000 to 25,000 years old”

Men. Appearance like Aborigines of Australia, but with arthritis & rickets suggesting an ice age life.

“NEBRASKA MAN” Hesperopithecus


Tooth found on a ranch.

“a hominid halfway between JAVA MAN and NEANDERTHALS”

A wild pig tooth.



Eanthropus dawsoni


Human like skull with an ape like lower jaw and tools nearby.

“500,000 year old ape-man / hominid.”

FAKED. The old human skull and modern ape jaw were dyed, sanded and filed to fit. “Modern science” was fooled for over 40 years!!

“JAVA MAN” Pithecanthropus erectus; Homo erectus


Apelike skullcap, humanlike femur & 3 teeth found over several years and 45 feet. Two human skulls found too, but he hid that till 1922.

“Oldest hominid remains ever found; a potential intermediate form between modern humans and the common ancestor we share with the other great apes.”

Skull and 2 teeth were from apes, one tooth form a human. Discoverer confirmed before death, it is not an ape-man.


Sinanthropus pekinensis; Homo erectus


2 teeth initially. Eventually 30 skulls, some jaw and teeth found. Oddly, found in piles in ancient quarry where workers ate monkey brains. Oh, and all skulls were bashed in the rear.

Based on 2 teeth initially called a “hominid.

Classified as apes. either a “macaque” or a “baboon.” (All bones have been missing for 60 years.)


Australopithecus afarensis


3.6 foot tall apelike bone pieces, scattered on a slope

Said to be 3.2 million years old, an apelike skull in an upright walking “hominid

Still classified as an “ape

“ARDI” Ardipithecus ramidus

1992, but not announced till 2009

4 foot tall apelike bone pieces, in poor condition, along with over 6000 “animal bones” nearby

Said to be 4.4 + million years old, an apelike skull, that climbed in an apelike manner, but could walk upright like a chimp, called “the oldest hominid

Still classified as an “ape”

It takes a lot of faith to believe in evolution, since it is not scientifically repeatable and no human was there. Creation is not scientifically repeatable, but God was there. At least He said He was in the Bible.

What will you believe?

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