Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How Long do I have to Sue in Tennessee?

If you or a loved one are in a car accident in Tennessee, as an adult you have only has one (1) year to sue to avoid your injury or death case from being barred due to the Tennessee statute of limitations.

As a Christian injury lawyer in Tennessee, I am often saddened to hear that an auto insurance company has not warned a victim of an accident about this fact.

Whether you are in a truck accident on I-40 in Memphis, or on I-55, on Highway 51, be aware that, even if your recovery front he crash takes longer than a year, you still have to sue on time.

This rule has exceptions, the most common being minority.  That is, the fact that a child is under eighteen (18) years of age can toll the statute.

There is no tolling of the statute because you are treating with doctors.  Nor will it matter that you have been talking to the insurance company.

Car wrecks, falls, and other injuries turn your world upside down. But, if you do not act quickly enough, you can can get hurt twice.

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